May 17, 2016

Instagram, My Unimportant Opinion & The Role A Logo Plays

know this is such a small matter & no big deal, really. But...Instagram's new logo made me realize the initial reason why I loved it & downloaded it when it first came around about 5 years ago (maybe longer, but I couldn't afford an iPhone yet at the time). I have always loved all things vintage and retro, and I do have my own actual physical Polaroid cameras, typewriter, etc. But of course, with our busy schedules, I slowly couldn't find the time to play around with my vintage toys anymore.

So when Instagram appeared with this cute retro vintage camera logo, and all those vintage filters we could use for fun, all simply through a mobile phone, I was hooked. It gave me this satisfaction of playing with something "vintage" in an easier way. I remember at the time, I was crazy about Hipstamatic too (which had also changed into something entirely different now). Instagram and Hipstamatic were my two favourite special photo apps for me to engage in my hobby. And oh, another one called LomoLomo.

Now that Instagram has launched its new logo, I feel like it's losing its identity, originality and appeal it once had. Now it's just "another photo app" for me. Or "just another social media". Like Facebook. Nothing special anymore.

I'll probably still continue using Instagram for the brands I'm managing and the marketing that comes with them (even writing this feels so dry & how it's lacking that "oomph") and for reaching out to the people.

But it's no longer my special place to engage in my hobby like it once was. I'll be on VSCO for that.

Such a lengthy, dramatic thought for something that really shouldn't be a big deal, huh? Haha. I guess it also reminds me to not place attachments on the wrong things. Definitely not on "things". And it also tells of how much a logo can do. The strong branding it creates. How much it represents you. 

And I guess, the new logo really is representing what Instagram has become. Which makes me a little sad as I had this nostalgic attachment to what Instagram was and how it played a role in my life. Until then, goodbye and thanks for being that special photo app you once were, Instagram.

P/S - This was one of the very first few photos I had fun capturing and playing around using LomoLomo and Instagram from their earlier days.

December 2, 2015

Home Office & Kufi Art

Work space

I have been attempting to decorate and create a home office, or at least some sort of  "work space" for a while now. And if you know me well enough, I'm quite the perfectionist, wanting every corner clean and spotless once I get to work. But I'm currently working with a two-year-old, and you know how two-year-olds roll, don't you? So I guess this tiny little only clean corner of the room shall do for now. Special thanks to Izsy Pizsy and EzyPoster for making the job easier for me with their collaboration in producing that gorgeous kufi art hanging on my wall.

Izsy Pizsy is a team of party planners selling really cute party products and they can also personalize just about any celebration. They recently added on their personalized designs of kufi wall art as part of their products, and I sure fell instantly in love!

Getting that kufi wall art also introduced me to EzyPoster who does canvas-printing services. As a photographer, this finding sure is a gem. I loved the quality of the kufi art canvas and how it was all light-weight despite its size. A 3M hook was also provided by EzyPoster together with the canvas, so setting it up really was easy peasy (Izsy Pizsy?). I know I'd be in touch with them again for canvas prints of my photography works whenever I'm itching to decorate my walls. And, YOU as my photography clients can be rest assured that the canvas prints from our photo sessions shall be of impeccable quality. ;) If you'd like to get some personal canvas printings done too, do check them out at their website, their Facebook page or their Instagram feed.

If you're looking for specific kufi wall arts like the one I've got here or would like to check out other designs, do check out Izsy Pizsy's page here. While you're at it, do check out all their other cute party products and perhaps even get them to create amazing themed parties for you! Izsy Pizsy can be found on their main website, their Facebook page and also on Instagram. Below are a few of their other kufi designs:

And below is a closer look at my tiny "work space":

I have a thing for mason jars and glass bottles being the Pinterest addict that I am...ha.

Work space
Here's a peek into the books that I need for all the work I'm currently doing. So we've got baby photography, baby food, some poetry, and lots of inspiration towards book-publishing and having a successful artsy-fartsy business.

November 28, 2015

Winning the Digi WWWOW Award 2015

Digi WWWOW Award 2015

I recently won the Social Influencer Award of the year at the Digi WWWOW Awards 2015 and would like to sincerely thank all of you for your amazing support in what I do. :) Special thanks to those who voted for me, to the judges for the amazing opportunity and for believing in me, and of course, to Digi.

The award was for my hashtagged photo series on Instagram titled #OrkedsHand. It's a series of bright-coloured photographs with Orked's tiny hands crafting or exploring something new. It's my way of sharing ideas of toddler crafts and food art, and to generally pass on the message that parenting can be fun. It was along the way that I've bonded with moms and preschool teachers from all over the world and began sharing ideas with each other on early childhood education, concentrating mostly on play. I have a website in the works, inshaaAllah, which will be more of a sharing platform for moms and caregivers worldwide. In the meantime, you may follow me on Instagram at @azaliasuhaimi. Thank you again, everyone! This is for mothers worldwide chasing dreams.